William Street, Northbridge

Have you been to Fox Hunt? Our Foxy neighbours are super nice and totally compliments us here! Hit them up for up to date menswear that all the cool kids are wearing! Our other neighbour New Edition Bookstore are open til late! Crazy but there are people that like to roam the streets late at night for a good book. We heart our neighbours. So be friendly and nice, they wont bite! There is many little stores popping up and the vibrancy will bloom, be one of the first to come see the first stores and return often to see the progress. You can stroll down in the future and mutter a word to a friend, ” I remember when. . .” How about this weekend? Come past and collect The OnWilliam Collector Magnets, it starts this Saturday which have been especially designed by local illustrator, Brooke Bobridge. WAMi Festival is on too, so enjoy the tunes as you wander!

And a quick plug for an upcoming SALE this weekend too. At… you guessed it.. William Street! Support WA Designers and Retailers with this Weekend Designer Clearance Sale! 214 William Street. Northbridge. Sat 21 May and Sun 22 May. See you there! xx


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